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† Trinity Blood Community †
{ a place for all fans to congregate }

                    1. Introduce yourselves.
                    2. Fanwork is welcome, so knock yourself out.
                    3. Be mindful of spoilers.
                    4. Downloads are to be FRIENDSLOCKED.
                    5. Use an LJ-CUT.
                    6. BE NICE.
                    7. Enjoy

Problems/questions/concerns, please contact the mods:
Xerne | ElenaTheTurk | Rhapsody | Noelle

† Community Affiliates †

               tbtp | Trinity Blood Translation Project
               toribura | Trinity Blood Cosplay
               toribla_doitsu | Trinity Blood Cosplay (German)
               toribura_icons | Trinity Blood Icons
               trinity_fanfic | Trinity Blood Fanfiction
               trinity_rating | Trinity Blood Rating
               anivamps | Anime, Manga and Game Vampires

† Member Sites †

               a_slight_glitch | Unexpected Results

† Other Links †

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               [o] Trinity Blood Artbook Gallery
(uploaded by le_chatnoir)

               [o] Episode Screencap Gallery

               [o] Trinity Blood Blogcrew
(maintained by mlina)

               [o] Join the AFL Approved Trinity Blood Fanlisting

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